Thursday, October 06, 2005

Thinking about the human being

Somewhere Talkien said that the God gave a good present to the humans, it was a short life, it was to make them mortals. Short life means short time to achieve goals and specially short time to let something in the world for the rest to remember.

Somewhere I've read about "collective intelligence", a kind of organization that manages and shares the intelligence, experiences, memories and capabilities of the members of that group. Something like the "borgs" in Star Trek.

It is interesting to think that the Human is already something like that, where the short life of the individual adds variables to the living society, some kind of bigger "organism". The death of the individual doesn't affect the success of the Human like species but can change the course of the history. So if we see the Human history from the start to the present we can see that we are growing, improving and evolving, no matter on the bad and good things that happened. From the bad things we can learn and from the good ones we can feel proud and get energy from that to go on.

Working on technology I feel very happy, living in this time makes me witness and part of the revolution of the communication between humans, the start of the most interesting way of get advantage of our "collective intelligence", get the best of the wisdom and culture and of course get advantage of the bad things that are going on around us by understanding that we are the only ones that are able to put them on the past, avoid the same mistakes in the future and learn from that experience. In fact that is the way I find to let something after my mortal being will left this world.


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