Sunday, November 27, 2005

The idea

Some days ago I had a great idea. It was the result of months and months of talking about one wish. From a long time ago I've been talking about the wish of having something like a cyber café, a place where everybody could enjoy a good connection to Internet, use high technology and have fun.

Of course I had some ideas about how to make it. At the beginning I kept the idea for myself! But then I’ve shared it with close friends and family. I think that was the moment when the idea started to live.

During the chats and dreams about “the idea” different obstacles were presented and alternative ways to solve them. The idea started to grow.

Months later during a car trip the idea got it’s mature shape. I was ready to share it with potential partners. A few days later I’ve shared it! And the main partner loved it.

I’m sure that between the partners we’ll have more opinions and ways to make the idea better. And some day in the near future will become a reality.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Check my comments

I made a couple of comments in the business opportunities Web log: