Friday, January 13, 2006

Protective eye filters: our complexes

“I have a friend”, actually he is a cousin, which was always very reactive against persons with different lifestyles. He was always criticizing my friends. He was always advising me to get “better” friends, persons that will be closer to culture, studying and farther from fun.

Some 20 years later I stopped to think about it. And I see in retrospective what the life made of us in the mean time. And it is very interesting. His way of thinking is very similar as it was before and he crossed a lot of experiences that are in direct contradiction of what he was preaching in the past: probably he was trying to suppress his need to have fun because of pressure from his parents or because of his poor ability to have friends. He had a long period of drinking too much, eating too much and smoking too much.

Here what I can learn is that life will always try to give us the opportunities to make the needed mistakes and generate experience, know ourselves better and if possible make changes for good.
To be constantly asking ourselves about how are we doing… is basic! Can you imagine how many good moments my cousin couldn’t enjoy because of his wish to prove that all the rest were wrong? He didn’t learn to dance because he thought that the rock bands imply to be in the “wrong side”.

He was watching the world with a special kind of “sun glasses” called “complexes” and with them he was able to see the world as he liked, with him on the center.

I’m wondering if he still thinks that I’m on the wrong side :)