Sunday, October 09, 2005

A World of awareness

Some weeks ago the World received the terrible news of the explosions in the subway in London. A few weeks later the hurricane Katrina was one of the worst natural events against U.S. Just this weekend an earthquake in Pakistan killed more than 18000 persons and some hundreds are dead in Guatemala as well.
In all cases technology, especially the Internet played a very important role. Even the Internet is not able to offer relief to the victims directly at least is increasing the awareness in the entire world about what is going on and giving information about "how to help". Pictures, videos, emails are immediately posted on the Internet and of course the bigger news networks are covering the events using the TV and also the Web.
During the catastrophic damage that hurricane Katrina caused some very interesting reactions happened and I’m positively surprised because I believe that this is the start of a new age.

In a matter of hours after the hurricane Katrina passed, hundreds of Web sites displayed links to help people donate money for the relief campaign.
Survivors got the chance to communicate with their families in different parts of the world using email.
People from all the world massively donated money to relief agencies
Mobile phones captured videos and pictures, digital cameras made easier for people to post pictures on the Internet.

The world was connected. No matter the reason why but the people reacted against the pain of others. No matter religion, race, politics, wars.

Our world is aware and the individuals and families within are reacting, the support agencies are learning to use technology to react faster than ever. Now I think is the turn of the authorities, now they should publicly state the importance of using the Web and all available technologies to setup systems for support and emergency relief. Of course, richer countries are going to be able of getting more advantage and poorer countries where the usage of technology is reduced will have to use more traditional methods.

Now is the time for individuals to show that between continents, countries, races and religions only exists “stone walls” made with paper. Awareness is the way to jump and break those walls. Now we can participate and help people from all the world.


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